Fast Clamp

FastClamp tubular fittings offer a simple solution for building lightweight tubular structures.
The fittings are easy to install, with no welding required. Simply use a hexagon key to tighten the grub screws onto the pipe, and they will support an axial load of up to 900 kg when tightened to a torque of 39Nm.
FastClamp castings are hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 for a durable finish. 

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Fast Clamp

The video presents how quickly and easy you can build tubular structures using FastClamp® fittings.
The video shows five typical applications of structures constructed using FastClamp® tubular fittings and tube. You can see which fittings have been used in each application.

  1. Railing System
  2. Handrail on a slope
  3. Stair railing
  4. Guardrail around machinery
  5. Trolley bay
  6. Furniture: a canopy bed and  a table

When constructing structures using FastClamp® fittings there is no need for welding, threading or bolting.

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