Kee Access

Kee Access® Fittings are purpose-built for creating secure handrails that meet regulations for disability access.

This cost-effective solution aligns with the Equality Act’s demands, obligating UK commercial and public buildings to ensure inclusive entry. Tailored to Building Regulations Part M and British Standard BS 8300, KEE ACCESS fittings provide smooth handrails using 42.2mm tubing, customizable with various RAL colors.

The system suits both new barriers and retrofits, with add-on components for upgrading. Made of cast iron to BS EN ISO 1461 standards, the fittings feature corrosion-protected grub screws and an antibacterial coating option. With simple installation (no welding or bolting needed), KEE ACCESS adheres to BS EN 10255 (ISO 65) standards, offering a user-friendly and compliant solution for disability access.

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