DIY easy to build greenhouse structure

The article is used with permission from Simplified Building UK

Retired contractor Robert built this greenhouse for his vegetables using Kee Klamp and sent us the photos. Galvanised fittings and tubes are resistant to rust; therefore they make the perfect material to use for outdoor structures.

How to build your own greenhouse

Step 1. Come up with a design.

There are no standard solutions when it comes to Kee Klamp: any structure is possible, under any configuration and dimensions.

Robert decided to go for a rectangular greenhouse which uses a total of 8 anchoring points (uprights).

If you want to go for a similar structure, you need to make sure that you properly anchor it to the ground. You might need to set the uprights into concrete, which is what Robert did with his greenhouse. Concrete needs to be poured into 300ml cubic shapes, one for each upright. This will give your structure stability.

The roof will also need enough slope, so that water is not trapped onto the roof material.

Step 2. Measure the area.

You now need to measure the area you want to build your greenhouse on. This will give you an idea of how much tube you should order.

Robert’s greenhouse is around 5.5m long, 3m wide and 2m tall.

Step 3. Determine what fittings you need.

For a sturdy structure, we recommend you use size 7 or size 8 tube and fittings.

Here is a list of fittings you might want to use:

For the corners of your greenhouse:

For the middle structure of your greenhouse:

Robert used bent tube to construct the roof, but you can easily create the bend without having to reshape the tube by using 55-7 (Obtuse Angle Elbow) or 55A-7 (Variable Elbow) fittings:

You can also use flanges at the bottom of each upright to anchor these to a solid surface (such as concrete).

However, as Robert needed to fix the greenhouse into soil, he had to pour concrete blocks into the ground.

Whichever your choice, just make sure that you do anchor the structure into the ground properly, as the wind might make it very unstable otherwise.

Step 4. Order the tube fittings.

You can order all materials on our website.

Step 5. Add your greenhouse cover and start planting!

Once you put everything together, it is time to find a suitable cover for your greenhouse. Attach it to the structure and start enjoying your greenhouse.

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