BeamClamp Type BK

Product CodeA Bolt DiameterB1B2CDWidthTorque (Nm)Tensile SWL (kN) (per bolt)Friction SWL (kN) (per 4 bolts)
BK1G08M083 to 123 to 942144161.25X
BK1G10M103 to 153 to 12542141202.5X
BK1G12M123 to 183 to 15481741706.121.41
BK1G16M163 to 24N/A6122.54715010.253.39
BK1G20M203 to 30N/A73265829022.065.63

Product Description

The BK1 is a self adjusting clamp that consists of two parts. The main body provides a recess to allow a hemispherical washer to be seated. This allows the body to adjust between a specified clamping range and as the washer rotates it provides a flat surface for a nut. This mechanism makes the product suitable for clamping to tapered steel of up to 15 degrees. It is also extremely useful for projects where the thickness of steel may vary.

The M08, M10 and M12 versions feature a tab at the back edge that can be located in the open ends of strut products, both aiding installation and preventing rotation once installed. Should the maximum clamping range be exceeded, our BF2 and BG2 packers can be used to increase it.

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