BeamClamp Type BC

Product CodeA Bolt DiameterBCDE1E2WidthTorque (Nm)Tensile SWL (kN) (per bolt)
BC1G08 / BD1G08M0898.56592231.25
BC1G10 / BD1G10M101210.57.561129102.5
BC1G12 / BD1G12M121513.59.571231.5354.32
BC1G16 / BD1G16M16171411.591741757.5
BC1G20 / BD1G20M20211513.5112149.514511
BC1G24 / BD1G24M2426191713256024517.17

Product Description

The types BC1 and BD1 are designed to hook over the upstanding flanges of angles or channels. They can be used together for channel to channel connections or in conjunction with our other clamping products for making angle/channel connections to other types of steel.

The BC1 features a recessed top to grip a bolt head and the BD1 has a flat top to allow a nut and washer to be tightened on to it. It is suitable for use with bolts, threaded rod or other threaded items but we always recommend the use of grade 8.8 high tensile threaded items.

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