Type C50 - Single Swivel Socket

PartPart NameWeightAB
C50-44Single Swivel Socket, 21.3mm O/D0.15 kg44
C50-55Single Swivel Socket, 26.9mm O/D0.56 kg55
C50-66Single Swivel Socket, 33.7mm O/D0.64 kg66
C50-77Single Swivel Socket, 42.4mm O/D0.80 kg77
C50-88Single Swivel Socket, 48.3mm O/D0.91 kg88
C50-99Single Swivel Socket, 60.3mm O/D1.22 kg99

Product Description

Complete combination fitting. Reducing combinations of Type C50 are available for sizes 5 to 9. See Types F50 and M50 for individual fitting specifications. See ‘Swivel Fittings’ at bottom of this page for more information.

Request Kee Klamp types C50-44, C50-55, C50-66, C50-77, C50-88 and C50-99 TODAY!

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