Type 81 - Single Sided Clip

PartPart NameWeightADEFØ
81-5Single Sided Clip, 26.9mm O/D0.07 kg524 mm39 mm56 mm7.5 mm
81-6Single Sided Clip, 33.7mm O/D0.08 kg627 mm42 mm59 mm7.5 mm
81-7Single Sided Clip, 42.4mm O/D0.08 kg732 mm47 mm64 mm7.5 mm
81-8Single Sided Clip, 48.3mm O/D0.09 kg834 mm49 mm66 mm7.5 mm
81-9Single Sided Clip, 60.3mm O/D0.10 kg940 mm55 mm72 mm7.5 mm

Product Description

For attaching wire mesh infill. For economy, it is possible to use Type 81 clips without the safety attachment to secure various types of infill panels (plyboard, perspex, etc.) up to a thickness of 10mm. All clips are supplied with hexagonal head fixing bolts, M6 x 35mm long and nut. The primary clip has a slot measuring 8 x 15mm. Ø indicates the diameter of the safety attachment bolt hole.

Note: For D and E dimensions the figures are given for the respective minimum and maximum dimensions allowed by the slotted hole.

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