Type 69 - Railing Flange with Toeboard Adaptor

69-6Railing Flange with Toeboard Adaptor1.62 kg6130 mm75 mm89 mm95 mm58 mm15 mm10 mm100 mm35 mm7 mm45 mm25 mm11 mm
69-7Railing Flange with Toeboard Adaptor1.87 kg7145 mm80 mm90 mm97 mm58 mm20 mm10 mm115 mm40 mm7 mm47 mm25 mm11 mm
69-8Railing Flange with Toeboard Adaptor2.30 kg8160 mm90 mm90 mm112 mm58 mm20 mm10 mm130 mm50 mm7 mm54 mm25 mm11 mm

Product Description

Designed for guardrail and balustrade applications with the added benefit of attaching a toeboard to the base. The base plate holes are sufficient diameter to allow for attachment with either a mechanical or chemical anchor. The side plates have slotted holes to allow for a degree of sideways movement for ease of installation. Ø indicates the diameter of fixing holes.

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