Type 67 - Angle Flange

PartPart NameWeightADEFGHØ
67-7Angle Flange, 42.4mm O/D1.13 kg783 mm140 mm79 mm102 mm10 mm14 mm
67-8Angle Flange, 48.3mm O/D1.30 kg896 mm155 mm80 mm115 mm10 mm14 mm

Product Description

Type 67 has been designed to allow the upright to pivot in the barrel, providing an angular displacement from 3° up to a maximum of 11°, measured from the vertical. Ideal to secure balustrade and guardrail systems on access ramps or other types of slopes. Ø indicates the diameter of the fixing hole.

Note: It is generally recommended that, when installing the 67-8, the fixing holes in the base should be in line with the applied load.

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