Type 64 - Standard Vertical Railing Base

PartPart NameWeightADEFGHJKØ
64-6Standard Vertical Railing Base, 33.7mm O/D0.77 kg686 mm95 mm22 mm67 mm57 mm45 mm39 mm14 mm
64-7Standard Vertical Railing Base, 42.4mm O/D1.12 kg784 mm108 mm30 mm72 mm64 mm50 mm30 mm14 mm
64-8Standard Vertical Railing Base, 48.3mm O/D1.54 kg889 mm121 mm32 mm89 mm70 mm58 mm28 mm14 mm

Product Description

Designed for fixing guardrail and balustrades to walls, parapets, steps and ramps. The upright cannot drop through the socket. Access to the top fixing hole is restricted by the position of the flange to the barrel. When selecting a hexagon head bolt or similar bolt fixing, the maximum length of the bolt (including the head) must not exceed 25mm. Ø indicates the diameter of the fixing hole. 

Note: Should an upright be required to pass through the fitting, the base can be bored out to order.

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