Type 63 - Angle Base Flange

PartPart NameWeightADEFGHØ
63-6Angle Base Flange, 33.7mm O/D0.91 kg676 mm127 mm92 mm95 mm8 mm14 mm
63-7Angle Base Flange, 42.4mm O/D1.17 kg776 mm138 mm95 mm106 mm10 mm14 mm
63-8Angle Base Flange, 48.3mm O/D1.53 kg889 mm155 mm100 mm115 mm10 mm14 mm

Product Description

Similar to Type 62, but used to set up the upright at an angle between 45° to 60°. This fitting should only be subjected to light loads that cannot be positioned at 90° to the applied load. For greater loads or other tube sizes, a Type 62 flange is used and the upright bent to the required angle. Ø indicates the diameter of the fixing hole.

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