Type 62 - Standard Railing Flange

PartPart NameWeightADEFGHØ
62-5Standard Railing Flange, 26.9mm O/D0.59 kg564 mm116 mm76 mm76 mm8 mm11 mm
62-6Standard Railing Flange, 33.7mm O/D0.73 kg676 mm128 mm89 mm89 mm8 mm14 mm
62-7Standard Railing Flange, 42.4mm O/D0.92 kg775 mm140 mm89 mm102 mm10 mm14 mm
62-8Standard Railing Flange, 48.3mm O/D1.12 kg885 mm155 mm89 mm115 mm10 mm14 mm
62-9Standard Railing Flange, 60.3mm O/D1.76 kg9102 mm165 mm127 mm127 mm10 mm18 mm

Product Description

Ideal when a structural fixing is required for guard rail and balustrades. The holes are of sufficient diameter to ensure proper fixing with either a mechanical or chemical anchor. The two set screws in the vertical socket give greater side-load stability to the upright. It is recommended that the fixing holes in the flange should be in line with the applied load. Ø indicates the diameter of the fixing hole.

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