Type 61 - Flange

PartPart NameWeightAEFGHØ
61-3Flange, 17.5mm O/D0.19 kg370 mm32 mm47 mm6 mm6.5 mm
61-4Flange, 21.3mm O/D0.23 kg476 mm39 mm54 mm6 mm6.5 mm
61-5Flange, 26.9mm O/D0.33 kg580 mm40 mm57 mm6 mm6.5 mm
61-6Flange, 33.7mm O/D0.50 kg690 mm48 mm64 mm6 mm6.5 mm
61-7Flange, 42.4mm O/D0.44 kg7102 mm51 mm76 mm7 mm6.5 mm
61-8Flange, 48.3mm O/D0.67 kg8114 mm59 mm89 mm8 mm6.5 mm
61-9Flange, 60.3mm O/D1.08 kg9127 mm63 mm95 mm10 mm10 mm

Product Description

Used on structures where the fixing required is positional only. Frequently used as a wall fixing bracket. Holes provided for countersunk flathead screw fixings only. Ø indicates the diameter of the fixing hole.

WARNING!: It is not recommended for use as a base flange to support guardrail or balustrades (see Type 62).

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