Type 45 - Crossover

45-30.07 kg3321 mm25 mm– mm
45-40.15 kg4425 mm28 mm– mm
45-50.20 kg5534 mm31 mm– mm
45-60.34 kg6640 mm38 mm– mm
45-650.29 kg6536 mm41 mm37 mm
45-70.48 kg7755 mm46 mm– mm
45-760.45 kg7645 mm46 mm38 mm
45-80.59 kg8855 mm50 mm– mm
45-860.45 kg8648 mm51 mm38 mm
45-870.55 kg8751 mm51 mm46 mm
45-90.91 kg9967 mm61 mm– mm
45-981.09 kg9860 mm75 mm73 mm

Product Description

Designed to give a 90° crossover joint. Frequently used on safety railing where to reduce cost by minimising the tube cuts, a continuous horizontal rail is used. The tube cannot be joined within this fitting. It may also be used to give intermediate levels on racks, etc. when horizontal ties between uprights are not required.

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