Type 16 - Clamp-On Tee

PartPart NameWeightAD
16-5Clamp-on Tee, 26.9mm O/D0.29 kg550 mm
16-6Clamp-on Tee, 33.7mm O/D0.45 kg653 mm
16-7Clamp-on Tee, 42.4mm O/D0.59 kg767 mm
16-8Clamp-on Tee, 48.8mm O/D0.81 kg877 mm
16-9Clamp-on Tee, 60.3mm O/D0.98 kg990 mm

Product Description

Widely used for adding to and modifying existing structures. This performs the same function as a Type 10, but because of its open socket, it can be added to a complete structure. For the alternative fitting, see Type A10. The hex head bolt is for retaining purposes only. Torqued up to 15Nm. 

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