Kee Klamp clothes rail for your shop

The article is used with permission from Simplified Building UK

Retail furniture comes in many shapes and sizes and can either complement your products or, if poorly chosen, completely work against your brand. You need to create a good balance between storing your merchandise efficiently, displaying it in an enticing way and leading shoppers around your store.

Types of clothes rails

1. Free standing garment rail

Free standing clothes rails are ideal for either wide space shops or pop-up stores where a display system needs to be quickly put together and taken apart. They are also suitable for spaces where walls cannot be used, such as some rented areas or exhibitions and fairs.


Freestanding display clothing rail

Wide freestanding clothing rail

Kee Klamp clothes rails are easy to put together (you only need an Allen key) and can be reconfigured to fit any space.

Adding a set of casters to the rack will help you move it around the shop as needed.

More examples of freestanding clothing rails:

Simplest to put together: Free standing clothing rail (single)

Perfect for exhibitions or warehouses: Display clothing rail

Great for ‘that’ statement piece of clothing: A-frame clothing rail

2. Wall mounted clothing rails

If you struggle for space and can use the walls in your shop, choose a wall mounted display system. You can build a lot of storage space vertically, making sure that you use the available space in a smart way.

Examples of wall-mounted clothing rails:

Under shelf clothing rail

Wall mounted clothing rail

When fixing the clothing rail, make sure that the wall is strong enough to hold both the rail and your garments. A good solution would be a hybrid rail, which is fixed on both a wall and the floor.

Examples of wall & floor mounted rails:

Wall-mounted rails with arms
Wall to floor rails for long dresses

Wall to floor clothing rail system

To use the space around a radiator, build a handrail style clothing rail, just like Neo Concepts did for their range of children’s wear:

3. Clothing hooks

Clothing hooks are some of the simplest storage solutions to build and can be a great display system for your products. Use these throughout your store and in the changing rooms.

Use a piece of longer tube to display several T-shirts, or a shorter piece of tube for fewer garments.


To achieve a very laid back industrial look for your shop you can even build a butcher style clothes rack with hooks.

Heavy duty clothing rails

Made of galvanised steel, Kee Klamp clothing rails are industrial strength structures that will hold a lot of clothes without the slightest bend. Shop owners have used Kee Klamp structures to store and display all sort of items, from delicate clothing to heavy duty barrels and tyres.

Our Kee Klamp clothing rails can even hold the weight of a person doing pull-ups!

Sports Shops
Bridal Boutiques

Children’s Clothes Shops

Urban style stores


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