Industrial office design: Tables, shelving, screens and rails

Esquire used Kee Klamp and galvanised tube to create bespoke, urban furniture for their Japan office. By combining fittings and pipe, they put together table and shelving frames, grab rails and office screens. There was no need for welding and everything was installed quickly, using simple hex keys. The wood for the table tops and shelves was sourced separately.

Table frames

You can use fittings and tube to build frames for any type of table tops – from wooden tops to even concrete and granite. Esquire used a bespoke frame that allowed the wooden top to be attached to the clamps. This particular frame included a 70-7 fitting to lift the desktop off the pipe frame and give it a ‘floating’ effect.

Shelving and storage unit frames

Esquire Japan used tube and fittings to build frames for several bookshelves and file storage units. The bookcases used the galvanised steel structures that attached to both walls and the floor for increased stability. The storage units used a freestanding steel frame with the wooden shelves resting on it.

Office dividers

A large, open space office usually requires a good layout and creative barriers to break up the space. Esquire went for freestanding steel frames to build barriers that would separate various areas of the office without making it look too cluttered.

How can we help?

Whether you are designing for the office or the home, Kee Klamp fittings can be used to create structures without the need for huge costs and extraordinary methods. Our team can help with quoting at no added cost. If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to scroll through our blog page.

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