10 social distancing screen designs to use in your office building

The current COVID crisis has changed the way we work and there could be more adjustments that are still on the way.
Offices are some of the places where daily social interactions are essential and can require a series of preventative measures to help minimise the spread of the virus as people slowly start returning to work.
Using screens or barriers to separate people from each other and ensure that social distancing rules are respected anywhere we go.

Check out some of the social distancing screen ideas that can be placed between desks, on the office floor, or in reception areas.

(photos are taken from https://simplifiedbuilding.co.uk/projects/social-distancing-screens-office-building for demonstrative purposes only)

1. Simple office desktop screen - Fixed

2. U-shaped desk partition screen

3. H-shaped divider

4. Freestanding partition

5. Freestanding PLUS-shaped divider

6. Freestanding multi desk divider

7. Freestanding social distancing screens

8. Simple fixed cough guard

9. Enclosed cough guard

10. Freestanding half height cough guard

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